I spend six days a week in my shop and easily rack over 70 hours a week working and have for the last 5 years. During that time I talk about two things all day long: boobs and sex.

Boobs because I am a bra fitter, and sex because it's a lingerie shop and I also sell a few novelties. I'm not gonna lie, I sell a lot of vibrators at Little Black Box. You would never know the little glass case in the backroom holds so many battery powered items. It's quite discrete and certainly female friendly, though some in this community still refer to my shop as “the sex store.” That's very funny to me.

I thought that this little blog would be the perfect place to share the more interesting conversations I have throughout the day. Also because I hear the same things over and over, just from different people. It often amazes me just how much we are all alike, yet so few of us realize it.

So this will be the place that I will, from time to time, post freely about those things that are unquestionably important to women: boobs and sex. After all, I have the credentials.

And my customers think so too. I've had both women and men approach me in the grocery store and tell me how they love “the stuff” they bought at my shop. I love it. They will lean close to me and speak very quietly, oftentimes touching my shoulder or arm, and give a raving, sometimes explicit, review of a product. Anyone watching could mistake our intimate and short conversation as some secretive affair, that we are planning our next meeting at Motel 6. Or maybe they would think we were making a drug deal. In reality, the drug purchase has already been made at my shop.

I sell a very popular product called Cockstar, a male enhancement product that is in pill form.  Men who suffer with ED buy it; but it is mostly purchased by men who don't have ED, they just want to have long lasting intimate fun with their mate. Women will typically snub the product when they are with their man and say “he doesn't need that”, but will be curious about Cockstar when they are shopping alone. Women tend to be afraid to buy it for their man for obvious reasons – women don't want to offend their partner. Men seem to be more confident about making that personal purchase. I don't know if it's because we are bombarded with Viagra commercials – which makes these products mainstream – or if the male's confidence stems from the thought that buying the product makes the statement “I am having lots of sex.”

If you are a man taking Cockstar, then I know you are having lots of sex. And when you see me at the grocery store, it's okay to gently touch my arm and tell me how much you love it. The best part is that I don't have to worry about the women who stand there watching their husbands whisper in my ear; those women are smiling at me too.