We all know how much we love plunge bras and how they makes us look dazzling! But is it worth losing your job over?

A woman in Maine apparently thought so.

Meet Sgt. Karina Richardson. Prior to last week, the good sargeant held the job of jail clerk at the Washington County Jail. That is, until the Washington County Commission gave her the big boot.

It turns out that Richardson was allegedly dipping into a jail inmates benefit fund and using it to buy clothing and lingerie for herself. One of the items mentioned by the lead investigator that Richardson purchased was a “Santa Baby Plunge Bra.” Richardson also purchased four “sateen plunge push-up bras” from the account, along with a velour bustier top, a lace sleeve dress, and many other items of clothing. In fact, Richardson had been taking about $400 out of the account for a “clothing allowance” for many years. The head jailer was caught doing the same thing.

When questioned about the legitimacy of using county funds for her own personal clothing, Richardson said it was for the good of the inmates.

“The types of items were ones that I normally wear to work and that benefits the inmates,” she said.

After the commissioners showed her the front door, Richardson did not cry foul, but said she expected to get fired.

“My reputation has been ruined over a bra,” Richardson said.