Generally, women tend to gain weight from the bottom up and lose weight from the top down. That’s why there are millions of perfectly pear-shaped women walking the earth – and I’m one of them.  Like most, I struggle to maintain my normal weight (150 pounds) and gaining and losing seven pounds within a few months is par for the course. Now, how does that little extra weight affect my bra size?

At first, I just assumed I needed a new bra (I always need a new bra lol – don’t you?) because my cups were gaping and my band wouldn’t stay in place. I picked up my regular size – I have been a 34C for 15 years – but quickly found I had the same issues. Perhaps I just needed a different style, so I chose my favorite brand (Wacoal) but once again I found the fit to be uncomfortable.

So I now found myself in the interesting position of following the advice I give women on a daily basis – “It’s time to try a different size.”

A colleague suggested I try a 32D in the lovely Fantasie bras. For me, Fantasie has some of the most beautiful prints and designs of any lingerie maker. Designed for the bustier women, Fantasie styles begin with a D cup and go up to J.

At first, I thought there was no way a D cup was going to fit me, but it did! As we get older, our body shape changes and boobs change with it. Even though you still feel like your 25 years old, your body isn’t and years of losing and gaining weight will also add to your body shape change. There’s no reason to fight this very natural process. I needed a tighter band and a bigger cup if I wanted the same comfort that my old 34C bras gave me for many years.

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