How to Tell if You're Wearing the Wrong Bra, or Your Bra is the Wrong Size

  • Do your bra straps cause red marks on your shoulder?
  • Do your bra straps slide down unless you're constantly adjusting them?
  • Do your breasts bulge over the top of the cup in a double bump?
  • Do your breasts droop or look generally out of shape?
  • Does your bust fall forward, instead of being in its central position?
  • Does the bra pull your shoulders forward?
  • Does your bra band ride up in the back?
  • Does the center of your bra fail to touch your breastbone?

Any of these things may be signs that your bra isn't right for you, or may not be the correct size. These problems indicate that the band is too big or small, or that the cups are too large or small, depending on fit-related issues. For full details on finding the proper size, visit us at Little Black Box.