Don’t think just because the winter months are upon us that you have to stop showing off your gorgeous legs. While going bare in the winter time isn’t acceptable, choosing the right leg wear can be fun, fashionable and absolutely sexy.
Hosiery helps to hide flaws and also draws attention to your legs, while making them look fabulous. Plus, many studies have shown that men prefer women who wear hose over women who go bare. So let’s do it!
Which fashionable legwear to choose is up to your individual style. Here are a few tips to consider.
Print stockings are definitely the hot style this winter. Multi-color floral and sexy lace patterns can add a dramatic effect to your little black dress, or another solid color. Cute dots on sheer hosiery can be worn with other patterns and, mixing patterns and textures can be done if you don’t break the fashion rules! Stick with the same color head to toe when you mix patterns, wear solid color shoes, and you can mix your patterns with confidence.
Fishnet Stockings aren’t as versatile as say, sheer pantyhose, because it’s a thin line between classy and trashy. Fishnets can be super fun for a younger woman when worn over another solid color, or you can wear this wild look by themselves for great effects. Pair them with stilettos and a miniskirt for a more daring look for nightlife, but never wear them at the office! Tall boots and a knee-length skirt always look great with most any stocking, allowing for a peek of pattern to show.
Back seam stockings are very chic and slimming. Wear this haute look with suits, skirts, or dressy dresses, you nearly can't go wrong with such a classy choice, but they really shine with classic pumps and simpler shoe styles, and are awesome with luxuriously textured fabrics.
Going basic with sheer black is the most conservative thing you can wear. But a bold and brightly colored stocking can be a great accent to an otherwise simple outfit. Nonetheless, everyone should have at least one pair of nude and one pair of black sheer pantyhose in their wardrobe. Most any neutral, grey tone stocking are fantastic with muted and dark shades and create a sophisticated look.
You can view our sexy and fun stocking selection here.