Lingerie is one of those sweet little pleasures in life that make it fun to be a girl. I get tired of hearing women say, “I don’t have anyone to wear that for”.   Lingerie isn’t just for bedroom entertainment or seducing your partner. It’s much more intimate than that.

 And once you realize the very definition of lingerie encompasses your bras, panties, undergarments and even your shapewear, you will realize that first and foremost, lingerie truly is something you wear every day.  Something that is next to your skin for hours should be given priority over all other clothing because it is the base, the foundation, which you build your outfit upon.

Those pretty little lacey panties and your favorite super-stretchy seamless boy short should all have the same purpose: to make you feel good. To make you feel comfortable. To make you feel sexy, because a sexy woman is a confident woman. You know it’s true!

When we get dressed for the day, the outfit we choose typically reflects where we are going and what we are doing. Are you a nurse going to work? I bet you are wearing scrubs. Are you a waitress? Then a basic black pant is most common. Regardless of your outerwear, what is next to your skin? What type of lingerie are you donning?  If it’s comfortable, well fitting, and fashionable, then you are going to look fabulous and women are practically invincible when they are looking their very best, no matter what dress they are wearing. 

Aside from the basic tee shirt bra, you should regularly mix pretty, sexy lingerie with your everyday wear. Sexy doesn’t mean uncomfortable. And wearing something sexy underneath doesn’t mean you are trying to attract every man within a 20 mile radius. Well, not always. But you really should wear a little sexy something-something every now and again, particularly on those days when you need an extra boost of self-confidence. So what if nobody is ever going to see it? You are going to see it, and most importantly, feel it next to your skin all day. 

As for the sultry stuff you envision as being bedroom wear for a partner to take pleasure in, well you can enjoy those pieces under your “going out” clothes. I know we are less likely to wear a body hugging, lace and mesh push up ensemble with garters and hot lace top stockings under a work uniform.

 But you certainly should indulge when dressing for a date or out to a party where dressing up is part of the fun of going out. It doesn’t matter if you are single, older, or larger in size, you should still enjoy wearing girlie-girl lacey little things from time to time, even if you save it for a Holiday party and you know those office and friend get-togethers are coming up soon and even happening now. Go ahead and wear that super sexy silky lingerie under your new party dress and see how empowering it feels. It’s one of those sweet things in life that make it fun to be a girl.