A new 15-year study suggests – despite everything we have ever heard to the contrary – that not wearing a bra may reduce sagging in your breasts and could also relieve back pain.
The new study even claims that wearing bras may actually contribute to sagging breasts and a host of other health problems.
To this, we at Little Black Box say “I don't think so.”
The research was conducted by a professor at the University of Besancon in eastern France. He is supposedly a sports science expert.
News reports have the professor saying that “breasts gain no benefit from being denied gravity” and “on the contrary, they get saggier with the bra.”
We wonder how many bras this male professor has had to endure in his lifetime?
The professor claims to have spent over a decade measuring the changes in breasts in 130 women.The study does not mention their breast size. Most of the French women I've seen are quite petite, and not nearly as well endowed as American women. 

Possibly somebody in France has been drinking too much vin.

At Little Black Box, we see women everyday who are in great need of bras and we would never suggest to them about going bra-less.