Customers seem to come into the shop in waves. There will be a bra wave, a pantie wave, a bachelorette wave. Right now, Corsets are all the rage. I predict the next wave will be about racer-back bras and camisoles.
Conversations about sex and relationships also follow this same pattern.
That’s right, I talk about sex with my customers all day, every day. Women want answers on how to rev up their sex lives and I’m more than happy to fulfill those needs. Inevitably, someone will use the phrase “I want to spice things up,” and I know exactly what that means.
It's toy time. But that doesn't automatically translate into fun time.
Some women want to introduce fun toys and other pleasurable objects into their sex lives,  but don't because they fear their partner will reject them.
There is nothing worse than being rejected by your partner when trying to introduce something new into the bedroom. It's humiliating. After such a sexual letdown, this can lead to a partner never wanting to try something new again.
Others say their partners have told them they have no desire to try something new, and any conversation about a vibe is immediately terminated. Wow, talk about your buzzkills.
Getting him to understand why vibes are appealing and fun is the answer.
The first thing you need to do is stroke his ego a little. That's not too much of a price to pay for great sex, now is it?
Tell him all about what a great stud he is in the bedroom and why climaxing for him is such a huge turn-on. Explain to him that you want to please him and adding a little extra fun to the mix makes pleasing him easier.
See how you can turn that around?
When he is reveling in his own greatness,  tell him you've been reading this awesome blog about sex and how to get to a place called “Sexual Nirvania.”
Tell him on the journey to “Sexual Nirvania,” there will be many new adventures awaiting him.
Ask him to come to the local lingerie shop with you and pick out some fun vibes that will help both of you arrive at the land of “Sexual Nirvania.” If he says no, do not be deterred.
Tell him you will go and pick one out and bring it home. It's all in the presentation, ladies. It's all about making sure you don't damage their fragile egos in the bedroom.
If you still can't convince him to use a vibe in bed after all that, here's the last trick to use. Sit him down, climb on the bed and then show him what you want  him to do to you.
If that doesn't work, nothing will.
Have fun ladies and don't stop until you make it to the land of “Sexual , Nirvania!”