Dear Husband or Boyfriend or Lover or Other,

There's an important holiday coming up just around the corner and I would like to express my feelings about what Valentine's Day means to me and what I think it means about our relationship.

I just want you to know that I can tell when you rush to Wally World five minutes before you come see me and grab a handful of chocolates, a dozen flowers and a card that you barely even looked at.

That tells me that you have no time for me and I am but a second thought to you on the one day that is set aside for relationships.

Please don't show up at my door and pretend you care. I want you to work at showing me how much you care.

This year for Valentine's Day, I want some romance and I will tell you exactly how to do it.

First, plan a nice evening out where we can talk and do a lot of hand holding and looking into each other's eyes.

Next, go to Little Black Box Lingerie and pick out something soft and sexy for me. You know the types of things I like to wear.

I want you to take me out to dinner, so that way I can have plenty of energy for you later on in the night.

Next, show up with the biggest box of chocolate that you can find!


Your One and Only