If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. Or more appropriately in this case, keep your clothes on.
Retailer powerhouse Sears recently announced they would no longer be offering their “Exotic Apparel” section on their website after several politically correct organizations hounded them over pictures of models wearing see-through lingerie, fishnet wear, and leather thongs.
The outrage apparently began after a model’s nipple was seen through a purple mesh slip. Oh, the humanity!
Organizations like the American Family Association – a non-profit Methodist church group founded in 1977 on the basis to “ inform, equip, and activate individuals to strengthen the moral foundations of American culture” – called the photographs “pornography” and asked their followers to bombard Sears with emails, phone calls and even to contact local store managers and complain. AFA has been sending alerts to all of their two million members about Sears for the last two years.
Another area of the AFA website asks members to vote for Republican candidates and another section asks for the boycott of Home Depot due to the company’s pro-gay stance.
After the nipple incident, Sears responded by immediately taking down the images that AFA found offensive. Sears also said these images were provided by a third-party vendor that were part of their website.
But, a quick check of the Sears.com website shows they aren’t letting AFA dictate everything they sell. The company’s “lingerie” section is still up and running, but just don’t look for any studded, leather thongs or crotchless panties anytime soon.