Students in India have created high-tech “anti-rape” bra that shocks would be rapists.
The three engineering students are attempting to address the country's overwhelming culture of rape that's been recently highlighted by a vicious rape of an Indian woman who had boarded a bus.

According to news accounts, the bra is designed to combat unwanted sexual advances by detecting the touch of an offender and delivering up to 82 electric shocks to them.
The bra is also designed to contact the local police via a GPS unit sewn into the bra.
First accounts of the bra on the Internet were sketchy at best and it was never clearly known how the bra works or how the bra would prevent the wearer from being shocked.
Washing the bra was also never mentioned.
The bra was named Society Harnessing Equipment” or “SHE,” for short.
One article noted the students had created the shocking bra because it was felt that attacks in India first occurred on the bosom.
Any type of effort to keep women from being abused in India is welcome and we hope this effort comes to fruition for the sake of millions of Indian woman.