I’ve been thinking lately about how many women I’ve fitted over the years at Little Black Box, and how each fitting has been unique. There are a few different methods used for bra fitting and I want to let you know what to expect when you visit me for a fitting.

The first method, which is the most commonly used and expected by customers, is the Tape Measure Method. The fitter simply takes two measurements, the first is under the bust line and the second is over the fullest part of the bust. The first number gives you a band size and the second number, after subtracting it from the first, gives you the cup size. It’s very basic, and in my opinion, the most rudimentary way of fitting for a bra.

For example, if you measure 36 inches under your bust line and 40 inches over your bust line, then you would wear a 36D. So one inch equals an A cup, two inches equal a B cup, and so on.

The second way to properly fit for a bra is the Holistic Method. This is how I’ve been fitting women for quite some time because it makes the most sense. This method is characterized by taking into account the entire woman and the bra and not viewing them separately.

The Holistic Method is a much more in-depth fitting than just measuring two points and subtracting the numbers. When you visit Little Black Box for a bra fitting, I may not always grab the tape measure first. I don’t always rely on those numbers to be the most accurate.

Actually, the tape measure lies to me on a daily basis. That’s why I will first ask you some basic questions like, ‘What size are you wearing now?’, and ‘What issues are you having?’ For those women who just don’t know what size they are wearing and just want to be measured, rest assured I will wrap the tape around you, because it can be a great starting place for finding the right size bra. But you must try on a bra, and most importantly, let me see it on you. That’s the Holistic Method.

I will look for the basics first, like does the gore – the center of the bra -rest properly on your sternum and does the underwire encompass all of your breast tissue? I will also check your band and shoulder straps and other points to ensure you have the correct size and style for your body. Taking into consideration the entire look of the bra, the shape of the woman, and how it feels are also very important when fitting.

But the biggest question is answered by you. Do you like it?

Sometimes I can look at you and know what problems you are having, and what size you need before ever asking you a single question. Yeah, I fit women every day, several times a day, so I’m pretty good at it. Well, if I can stand on a pedestal for a moment, I’m very good at it. That’s because I use the Holistic Method and consider how the bra fits, how you feel in your new bra, and I will tell you to only buy the things you love. I know there is a lot of information out there about how to find your bra size. It really shouldn’t be so difficult! But when you’ve been struggling with your bra and no matter what size you put on, if you just aren’t comfortable and you tug and pull all day long at the one thing you should love the most, then please come to Little Black Box and get a proper, a Holistic bra fitting!