With so many styles, cuts, colors, and brands of bras it can be difficult to choose your next favorite bra. Even when you do find something that you love, will you still love it under your favorite shirt?

Ideally, you should add a new bra to your wardrobe every six months. With proper and loving care, you can extend that timeline to a year. Regardless of how often you purchase bras, this is a short list of the basic bra styles every woman should own.

1. The Tee-shirt Bra. A seamless, smooth cup bra with a medium center gore is your best choice for under those little tees and tanks in your closet. This can also be your everyday basic bra because it’s perfectly smooth under everything. See our favorite tee-shirt bra here.

2. The Convertible Bra. A bit more versatile than a regular strapless bra, the convertible bra comes with long straps that can be attached in two or more ways and can be worn in a crisscross style for racer backs or a halter style. See our favorite convertible bra here.

3. The Sexy Bra. This is totally a personal choice. If you think it’s sexy, then it is! Be sure to have more than one pair of matching panties for this bra. See our bras here.

Additionally, you can add these styles as your wardrobe suggests:

3. The Push up Bra. Particularly useful for small to medium breasted women, a thoughtfully padded bra can create cleavage for a more daring, dramatic look under V-neck tops.

4. The Self-Adhesive Bra. It’s a “sticky” bra that is strapless and backless, and “sticks” to your skin wherever you place it. Perfect for those revealing tops and dresses. See our self-adhesive bras here.