Embarrassing moments at a lingerie shop? Let me tell you about this time a really cute, flirty fellow came into the store and was shopping at the glass case for a special, intimate gift. I went into my regular sales spiel about one particular product, a couples’ vibrator, when suddenly I began to have a hot flash.

Nice. And we were having so much fun chatting together.

He said, “Are you getting flustered?”

Inside me had a colorful comeback, but I’m trying to make a sale and maintain a level of professionalism so telling him to go to hell was not an option.

Me: “No I’m fine,” and I continued sharing information about the product as my face became beet red and I could feel the sweat beading on my upper lip, neck and chest. This was not a good look. Imagine me sweating and turning bright red as a younger guy made subtle romantic hints. Never mind I’m trying to sell him a sex toy.

Had he been a woman, then I would’ve openly said “Oh my I’m having a hot flash” because, generally, women understand other women and we would’ve had a huge laugh and created a bond because, well, it’s just a girl thing. Also, I would’ve shared the info had his girlfriend been with him.

But she was not and it was just the two of us, him now looking a bit like a magnificent frigate bird all puffed up believing his suave flirting approach must be the reason why I was sweltering, making this moment terribly uncomfortable for me. I just wanted to wipe the sweat from my face without seeming “flustered”.

I had to wrap this up quickly and asked if he wanted to purchase the product. He did. “I’ll ring you up front” I said and led him to the register. Fortunately, my hot flash subsided just as quickly as it had struck; however,  I’m sure my face was still blood red as I handed him his change and thanked him for shopping with me.

The likelihood of this happening again is not small because men shop at Little Black Box every day. Perhaps I should just tell them “Hey it’s a hot flash, dude it ain’t about you”

I really need a better comeback.

By the way, LBB gets new fun couple items in every week. Our shop in Historic Downtown Lewisburg WV is open 5 days a week. Oh, and this is a Magnificent Frigate all puffed up.