By now, almost everyone is familiar with the run-a-way bestseller called “50 Shades Of Grey” that follows the sexual exploits of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey. The book, by British author E.L. James, has brought the joys of bondage and playful S & M sex practices to the mainstream. Yay!
One of the highlights of the book is the practice of using Ben-Wa balls. The balls are used to strengthen vaginal walls and also to create sexual arousal and enticement for women.
There is a long history behind Ben-Wa balls. Many sexual historians believe women have been using them for over 1,500 years to increase sexual health and to create intense orgasms.
The theory behind using Ben-Wa balls is fairly simple and straightforward. They come in a variety of different set ups. Made up of one or two balls or even more, they are inserted into the woman’s vagina. Sometimes they are connected by a string or silicone band. Some of the balls are weighted and hollow with another weighted ball inside of them. When worn throughout the day, the balls jingle and touch each other, stimulating movement and vibration. This contracts your pelvic and kegel muscles – in order to hold them in –  which gives you quite the workout.
The balls are not designed to give women orgasms during the day, but rather kind of like a day-long foreplay. Now, what kind of sex do you think you will have if you had eight hours of  foreplay? That’s right, awesome, mind-blowing orgasmic sex! Stop by Little Black Box today for more information about this wonderful way of enjoying sex.