And do you know what it’s called? Here’s a quick glossary of the 3 most common bra styles you probably already own and love.

Typically women who come to the shop ask for a demi cup bra, but what they usually mean is a contour cup. Contour cups are made from fiberfill or foam lining and are flexible yet hold their shape. Contour cups are a perfect choice for every day wear, even under snug fitting tops, because they offer a round, symmetrical shape and provide modest coverage. Choose a contour bra particularly if you are in between cup sizes or if your breasts are uneven.

A demi cup, also known as a shelf bra or half bra, covers only half of the breast. Generally, a bra manufacturer cuts a demi cup around 1″ above the nipple. A demi cup can be lined, unlined, or with padding. This is a sexier cut because it shows most of the breast and is usually the cut chosen for push-up bras. Designed to push breasts toward the middle, this is a great cup to enhance or create cleavage.

Another popular choice is the molded cup, sometimes called a seamless cup. A molded cup is a seamless style defined by the way the cups of the bras are made. A flat piece of fabric is heat-molded to form the shape of the cup, and no seams are ever created. This cup is more rigid and may not suit all women. For those who have wider breasts or implants, a molded cup may not fit properly because the cup shape is predetermined. Molded cups contour your breasts, creating a perfectly round shape. This feature also compensates for and hides the fact if one of your breasts is slightly larger than the other.

Do you have a question about bra styles and what would work best for your body shape? Please email us or stop by the shop for a professional fitting!