Saying goodbye to something your truly love can be heartbreaking, especially when you’ve loved it for many months, even years.  But, alas, your bra will fail you eventually. No matter how you love and care for your favorite bra, there will come a day when the strap breaks, the underwire comes out of its casing, the elastic band has stretched its final stretch and can no longer support you anymore.

But it’s your “go to bra” I know, and it’s now discontinued? Well of course it is, because that’s just how life works. You find something you love, you love it for a long time, and then when it needs replaced, the manufacturer stops making it.

Now what? You must go through the ordeal of finding another great “go to bra”. And in the meantime, you still try to make your longtime favorite bra work for you. Usually without any luck.

As you try on bras in the department stores, and try on and try on, without finding anything to fit, ask yourself, am I trying on the right size?

By now most women are somewhat familiar with how a bra should fit, thanks to Oprah and the latest “Double Divas” shows on TV. You know the center of the bra should tough your breastbone, and the shoulder straps should not fall down, and your band should be snug, not tight, and be comfortable and not hurt. You should not “fight” with your bra.

If you are having a tough time finding another “go to bra” then you should consider getting professionally fitted for a bra. You might be surprised. Even a simple change in band size or cup size can make all the difference in the comfort level of your bra.

If you generally hate bras, then you most likely are not wearing the right size. Or if you just aren’t satisfied with how your shirt looks, it could be a foundation problem, not a cut or style of shirt.

Not long ago a woman came in looking for a corset to wear under her bridesmaid dress, because her boobs sagged over the empire waist making it impossible to see the ribbon on the empire waist. While she knew her boobs were the problem, she did not realize the power of a new bra, in a new size. Her problem was quite common, her band was entirely too big, and her cup was too small, so the band rode up her back and didn’t support her breasts at all, leaving them to fall over the empire waist line. Her new size and her new bra lifted her breasts so the corset was not needed after all.

Yes a proper fitting bra will make all of your tops fit like they were tailored to you. They will fit the way you want them to fit. All of your tops will look better!

So when it’s time to say goodbye to your favorite bra, and you dread the idea of shopping for a new one, then you should come to LBB for a bra fitting. You just may find your next favorite go to bra!

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