If you follow us on Facebook, then you may have seen us post about the “Biggest Change of the Day.” While bra fittings and size changes happen every day here at Little Black Box, we only post about the Biggest changes. Like this one:

She was sized at *a national department store* where she was measured and then told to wear a 46B, so she was shopping for that size. We do carry that size, but I could tell that she needed a bigger cup, not a bigger band, so I measured her and put her in a 40FF. The difference was phenomenal. She went down 4 band sizes and up 6 cup sizes.

Side note about my thoughts on department store bras and their fitters: If they had over 100 sizes and over 1000 bras in stock to choose from, then perhaps they could offer a better fitting service. Little Black Box proudly offers over 100 sizes and over 1000 bras in stock. We typically have more inventory in the shop than available on our website so if you are looking for something specific that you don’t see here, then please reach out to us! Call the shop 304-645-6646. We can ship items too!

Next time you are in Lewisburg WV, shop with Little Black Box Bra Boutique.