Tis the season for the biggest shopping adventures of the year!

Maybe you are a Black Friday aficionado or a proficient Cyber Monday shopper and have already finished buying all of your gifts.  Or maybe you’re the type that waits until Christmas Eve and hits all the major department stores in a wild and frenzied panic looking for gifts that seem well thought out. Regardless, you will buy gifts this holiday season and I’m sure someone on your list is a woman. Possibly lingerie is on your list of gift giving? We hope so!

I like to think that any female who is close to your heart is worthy of receiving lingerie. I’m talking about a woman giving another woman something cute, fun, and pleasantly unexpected. She could be your very close girlfriend, your favorite aunt, or even your mom. When you purchase lingerie for her, then you are giving her a thoughtful gift that says “I want you to enjoy something especially nice.”

And when I say especially nice, I don’t mean expensive or elaborate.

Darling undies are a luxury that you can afford to buy and she will love having another choice in her drawer. Lace stockings and other fun legwear are all the rage for winter skirts right now and definitely make an appropriate gift. A silky Kimono robe is a time-tested favorite for most. And if you are unsure of her size, then get a “One Size Fits Most” piece.

 Oh, and here’s a thought, maybe she desperately needs a bra fitting – you could get her a gift card with a hand-written note encouraging her to have an uplifting experience at Little Black Box! We do bra-fittings every day.

My lingerie gift-giving list starts with my mom, who will receive new undies in brilliant colors and dainty designs. Yes they are all cotton and full-backed, but they are still adorable. She will most likely also receive a new Bali or Felina bra. (On a side note, my mother used to give me undies and a new pair of tennis shoes every year for Christmas. I understand why I don’t get the new knickers anymore, but I also don’t get the new shoes either…)

 Also on my lingerie list is my beautiful, young, and somewhat reserved sister-in-law who will probably receive a cute bra and matching pantie set from me, and some fun stockings.  I always like to throw in something a bit wilder for her too, like a tube of Nipple Nibblers, just because she is a bit modest, and I like to surprise her. Besides, who doesn’t like the tingle taste of those creamy products all wrapped up in an appealing chapstick-like tube?

 Other near and dear females on my lingerie-giving list include a few close friends and of course my boyfriend’s sisters, who are deserving of more personal gifts. Certainly they will also enjoy  a pair of super comfy seamless boyleg shorts with butterfly embellishments to sleep in. My fashion savvy girlfriend would most likely enjoy the French garter belt and la Petite stockings, and my friend whom I’ve swapped many sex stories with is getting a most appropriate open crotch, fishnet body stocking.  After all, lingerie is supposed to be fun!

I want you to stop thinking that lingerie is only a gift that a man gives a woman, because that is just not true! I encourage you to pick at least one woman on your gift list and buy her something intimate. I promise, she will adore a new fanciful frock, and you will make her feel special. Remember, the very best gift to give is simple and personal, because that’s what makes it a thoughtful gift that she will love.